Laser Micromachining Solutions

Laser Micromachining Solutions

Medical Device Manufacturing

Laser Processes and systems for the manufacturing of smaller, precise, innovative, reliable and cost-effective medical devices. We will bring you our laser expertise to develop products for tomorrow.

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Medical Device Manufacturing

Electronics and Semiconductors

From front end to back end, packaging, interconnection, and assembly; our laser systems are common tools in the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing environment.

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Electronics and Semiconductors

Watch and Jewellery Industry

Fine Mechanics has always been at the heart of the watch making industry. Laser and related processes are the most flexible tools to express your imagination.

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Watch and Jewellery Industry

Science and R&D

Whatever your research area, let us help you to test & implement laser processing amongst other techniques. We design and supply innovative laser tools to customers who are developing breakthrough applications in support of society’s challenges.

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Science and R&D



Made to Measure SYSTEMS

An important part of Optec’s strategy is in industrial machines designed and built to specific customer production requirements. It is important to understand that these are in no way prototype machines, but rather assemblies of tried and trusted components in a specific architecture optimized to best meet specific customer requirements, performance targets and local constraints.

Part Processing/Contract Manufacturing

Optec has a well equipped applications laboratory and we are experienced in determining optimum process strategies taking account the unique properties of each laser.

Our new clean room environment with various laser systems is the right combination to accelerate your product development without investing at the start of your project.

We are ready to undertake feasibility studies, proof of concept, batch and pilot production.


All Optec’s systems are powered with our user friendly software package including ProcessPower and OptecCAD.

ProcessPower has been developped continuously for over 20 years to offer a highly reliable user-friendly interface. It gives full control over all machine functions, displays, CCTV images and includes many helpful software tools developed for laser micromachining . OptecCAD allows the attribution of process parameters to objects or complete layers in an CAD environment.

Optec ProcessPowerTM and OptecCADTM work seamlessly together

Standard Systems

Optec  designs  and manufactures a full range of standard products ready to respond to different markets needs.

The portofolio is build upon three family of products:

  • Machines based on projection techniques, mostly around Excimer & CO2 TEA Lasers
  • Machines based on focal point machining, from fs to CW, from Far IR to UV lasers
  • Hybrid systems combining both techniques as well as no laser tools (milling, ink-jet, …)

Sub-Assemblies / Components

Over the years, Optec has designed and built for his own and/or customer purpose a full range of components and sub-assemblies.

This full range includes projection multi-elements lenses with superlative performances, telescopes (relay, expanding, contracting), beam shaper & homogenizer, precision energy controller, off axis camera, machining heads  as well as made to measure BDU’s (beam delivery units)

About Optec

Optec Laser Systems is a world class supplier of laser micromachining systems and services cumulating over 100 years of laser expertise.

We operate from our 1250 m² purpose build factory in Frameries, Belgium. We have in house laboratories equipped with the latest Optec laser Tools. Our new 100m² ISO7 clean room is designed to conduct Factory Acceptance Test, Training and to offer process development as well batch and pilot production.

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