Electronics and Semiconductors



“Faster, lighter, thinner and wearable” are words used to describe the latest trends in portable electronic devices. The same philosophy can be found in semi-conductors, printed circuits and displays to name a few. All of these improvements have been achieved in large part thanks to the use of lasers in the manufacturing processes. Excimer photolithography, laser engraving, cutting and patterning are but a few of the techniques employed to produce modern smartphones and is just one example.

Science and R&D



Research and development is a critical activity for many sectors of the economy. This is especially true of Science and Hi-Tech industries for which constant innovation represents the backbone of their strategies. Creativity, technical expertise and technological capabilities are all crucial factors in the success of an innovative project.

Watch and Jewellery Industry



Watchmaking has long been on the lookout for the latest technologies that could help improve the product’s quality and value. Laser machining helps to differentiate the processed products, be they external parts or watch movements.

Medical Device Manufacturing


Medical devices are subject to some of the world’s strictest quality assurance procedures and regulations. High precision, excellent “cut-quality”, repeatability and 24/7 dependability over years of operation are hallmarks of a well-engineered laser micro-machining system and design criteria of Optec medical device processing systems.