Optec to Bring IR Laser Micromachining Capabilities to Georgia Tech’s LMMC

In Fall of 2018, IEN’s Laser Micro Machining Center (LMMC) will take delivery of Optec’s WS-FLEX-USP femtosecond, direct-write laser system configured to support the Institute’s diverse research interests as applied to texturing and surface modification of metals, ceramics, composites, polymers and glasses in the fields of biocompatible materials, microfluidics, flexible electronics, MEMS/NEMS microsystems, photovoltaics and energy storage. The Optec system will reside in one of the shared laboratories open to Georgia Tech academic users, small and large companies, and external academic and government research institutions.
The WS-FLEX IR femtosecond laser workstation with sub-500 fs pulse length will be equipped with 300 x 300 mm XY stages, a 2-D scan head, including synchronized infinite-field-of-view motion control, plus a fixed-beam cutting head with coaxial gas shielding for maximum versatility and a high definition, zoom inspection microscope under the control of the onboard ProcessPower and OptecCAD laser micro-machining software.

Optec Laser Systems finalist at Geneva’s EPHJ Grand Prix des Exposants

Logo of Optec's MachCeram Technology

Optec’s new MachCeram Technology was chosen by the the organizers of Geneva’s prestigious EPHJ Trade Show as one of the six finalists for the Grand Prix des Exposants. MachCeram is a new development on ceramic processing that allows for hybrid milling and lasing of greenbody ceramics. This proprietary technology provides an increase in productivity better details by combining traditional milling’s speed with laser micromachining’s accuracy and resolution.

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New Release: Optec’s ECHO 360 Laser Wire Stripping System

Optec Laser Systems has released the first compact, excimer laser wire-stripping workstation specifically designed for fine-wires. The ECHO 360, with its propriety “Echo” technology, strips, separates and/or cuts wires as fine as AWG 60 gauge, without handling or rotation of the wire. The deep-UV (193 nm and 248 nm) excimer wavelengths are absorbed more readily by a wider variety of insulator materials than longer wavelength lasers, for residue-free removal without damaging the conductor. Its “flat-top” beam profile provides perfect stripping uniformity and sharp transitions (edges) from insulator to core. The ECHO 360 incorporates a new generation of small-format excimer laser that delivers well over 1 billion shots, on average, between factory-service intervals.
The Echo 360 can be configured for reel-to-reel or reel-to-cut stripping and multi-filar separation. Intuitive software control, on-board diagnostics and a color, touchscreen display insure consistent quality with minimal training and maintenance.

Inauguration Clean Room sept 2016

On September 15th and 16th will celebrate a new chapter in our evolving story

Together with friends and partners, we shall celebrate:

  • the official opening of our new facility
  • 25 years of Optec
  • and just by coincidence the 70th birthday of our founder

Laser show Mun 2017

Our team will be pleased to meet you all in Munich on June 2017 during the largest laser exhibition.