LightBench (LB)

Optec’s LightBench-RX is a cost effective laser beam delivery unit, and a simple path to realize quality micro-machining. The LightBench delivers directs and conditions a laser beam from its source to the workpiece, yielding micron (µm) level precision along the way. With unsurpassed rigidity, the LightBench is the ideal platform to support key beam delivery devices such as energy controllers, beam shapers, illumination field lenses, mask units and vision systems and is configured to suit your application.

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  • Wavelength (nm)
  • 193 or 248
  • Demagnification type
  • Tunable
  • Energy density
  • 0.05 to 10 J/cm²
  • Minimum feature size
  • 5 µm
  • XY stages travel
  • 200x200 mm
  • Outer dimensions in mm (HxWxD)
  • 1507x1640x2231
  • Common options
  • MRA module, Theta stages

LightBench (LB)Applications

Laser Lift Off (LLO) Debonding

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Laser Wire Stripping

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Laser Structuring

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Laser Patterning

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Laser Micro Drilling and Cutting

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