Laser Blade Debonder (LDB)

The LDB is optimized for High speed Laser Lift-Off (LLO) process independant of part size. This system
combines a flexible workstation with an external laser associated to homogenizing optics to create a laser beam
line for high troughput production.
The beam length is adjustable and automatically switchable in function of the application. Automation can be provided as an option with cassette or wafer loading including automated pre-alignment, robotics and machine

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"Use your photons"


  • Wavelength
  • 248nm or 308nm excimer laser
  • Beam Line length
  • from 20 to 75mm
  • Energy density
  • From 50 to 600mJ/cm²
  • Processing area
  • Standard 200x200mm - Can be customized

Laser Blade Debonder (LDB)Applications

Laser Lift Off (LLO) Debonding

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Laser Surface Treatment

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