Echo 360

Nothing strips fine-wire like a UV laser. with few exceptions, and none do it better than the Optec Echo 360 with it deep UV, 248 nm or 193 nm output, air-cooled, small format EXCIMER laser.
The Echo 360 is fast, versatile and safe. Optec’s intuitive Process Pro™ software control makes it easy to operate, with minimal instruction and rapid change over to different wire gauges.
The Echo 360 serves aerospace, MEMS, automotive, consumer electronics, telecom and medical devices, including cardiac rhythm, neuro, electro-physiology and many other demanding applications.

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"Use your photons"


  • Wavelength (nm)
  • 193 or 248
  • Demagnification type
  • Fixed
  • Maximum stripping length
  • 1 mm (static), >1 mm dynamic stripping
  • Compatible wire diameters
  • 60 AWG to 32 AWG
  • Part handling options
  • Spool-to-spool, spool-to-cut or manual load fixturing

Echo 360Applications

Laser Wire Stripping

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Laser Micro Drilling and Cutting

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