Dual Beam Wire-Stripper

Optec’s Dual Beam Wire-Stripper is a made-to-measure, 24/7 operation industrial system for precise stripping of insulating jackets on micro-wires (30-250 µm diameter). The system combines a large excimer laser beam with a homogenizer and motorized aperture allowing for greater stripping size flexibility. Simultaneous front and back stripping of the wire leaves no residue and produces clean and sharp edges.
Automated part recognition and handling are provided in conjunction with Optec’s intuitive ProcessPower software control

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"Use your photons"


  • Wavelength (nm)
  • 193 or 248
  • Demagnification type
  • Fixed
  • Maximum stripping length
  • 3 mm (static), >3 mm dynamic stripping
  • Compatible wire diameters
  • 30µm to 250µm

Dual Beam Wire-StripperApplications

Laser Wire Stripping

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