Light Shot (LS)

LightShot is a turnkey, excimer laser micromachining tool with compact, short-pulse 193nm excimer laser and homogenized beam designed for precision, uniform ablations at both low and high energy densities. The LightShot features Optec’s proprietary 0.2 n.a achromatic laser objective lens with coaxial / coplanar through-the-lens (TTL) performance, where the laser is in focus when the image is in focus, and a HD color, zoom video microscope for viewing of the workpiece. Its software-controlled mask with 32 different cut shapes and sizes, plus a demagnification switch (10/16X) to amplify the energy density and spot size range make the LightShot a versatile, cost-effective solution for processing glasses, polymers and many other non-metallic materials. High accuracy 100 X 100mm stages (standard) under Optec’s intuitive ProcessPowerTM software control provide for a Click & Shoot graphics environment and the ability to import industry standard files & CAD drawings.

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  • Wavelength (nm)
  • 193 or 248
  • Demagnification type
  • Switchable
  • Maximum Energy density
  • >10 J/cm²
  • Minimum feature size
  • 1 µm
  • XY stages travel
  • 150x150 mm
  • Outer dimensions in mm (HxWxD)
  • 1500x700x1450
  • Common options
  • 200x200 mm travel range, MRA module

Light Shot (LS)Applications

Laser Structuring

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Laser Patterning

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Laser Surface Treatment

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Laser Micro Drilling and Cutting

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