Laser Trimming Tool (LTT)

“Impact” laser radiation is used to selectively ablate, drill and mill polymer materials, to expose contact areas, excise flex circuits and for other demanding applications, including fluorinated polymers. The LLT incorporates a modified CO2 TEA laser with output in the 9.3-9.6μm band, and short pulse duration resulting in high absorbed power densities, that vaporize polymers. Machining rates (material removal) are typically on the order of 5-505μm depth /shot, depending on the energy density.

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"Use your photons"


  • Stand alone system for R&D, Prototyping and Production
  • Natural granite base for stability
  • Designed for FAR IR CO2 TEA (9 - 11 µm)
  • Fixed Demag Energy controller selects appropriate processing conditions
  • Image from a motorized mask with primitive motifs
  • Part motion up to 300 x 300 mm
  • Smooth Z Stage for part focus
  • Interlocked to CE standards, class 1 laser systems
  • CCTV general view of machining area with offset detended zoom
  • Powerful, user friendly, OptecCAD Light & Process Power Softwares
  • A robust and reliable product, field proven

Laser Trimming Tool (LTT)Applications

Laser Structuring

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Laser Surface Treatment

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Laser Patterning

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Laser Micro Drilling and Cutting

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